Youth Climbing and Hiking Camp – Carpathian Mountains / 15-23 August 2009

CAMP REPORT UIAA Youth Climbing and Hiking –

            Carpathian 15-23 aug. 2009                        


The event took place in the Bicaz Gorges National Park, East Carpathians, Romania, 400km North from the country capital, Bucharest. All accommodation and meals were provided at the ECOLOG HUT, the training base of The Romanian Mountain Club.


The Romanian Mountain Club in cooperation with The Romanian Alpine Club. The camp manager was Constantin Lacatusu, Romania, RMC’s president.


The participants climbed several short routes near the mountain hut, located right in the climbing site, a wonderful natural reserve in the NE part of the Hasmas Mountains. Rock : Jurassic limestone. Grades : 3 to 9 UIAA.

In 3 different days, all guest climbers also climbed some of the famous classic routes in the big Bicaz Gorges, near the Red Lake mountain resort, in the heart of the national park. The routes grades were from 3B to 5B Romanian scale (3 to 7 and A0/A1 UIAA).

One day was reserved for Hiking. The target was the highest mountain in the area, Ceahlau, 1907m, another famous Romanian national park with spectacular views, in perfect weather conditions.

Another 2 days were dedicated to a cultural trips with visits in a famous monasteries (Middle Ages) region and also to Transylvania (the mediaeval cities of Brasov and Sighisoara), all by car.

At the hut, the participants had chance to view climbing films and slideshows and to change experience between different mountain cultures, climbing styles and specific traditions.  All participants showed a real interest for all camp activities and proved excellent climbing skills.

In the mountain resort of Lacu Rosu, we did some site cleaning, post-climbing, taking into seriously our environmental responsibility.

The organizer made 50 T-Shirts with UIAA & GYS logos and all participants were given one.


The camp was a real success and this was achieved by all participants contribution. The guests from South Coreea expressed a strong will to organize a Youth Camp in Coreea in the coming years and we really recommend this intention to the Youth Commission. Their leader, the head of Youth departement at the Coreean Alpine Club is a very experienced climber and a nice guy (teacher). We have promised to help putting them in touch with the UIAA Youth Commission.




1)  Olga Stathi – Greece

10)  Shin Daeho – South Coreea

2)  Effrosyni Spartinou  Greece

11)  Kwon Ayoung – South Coreea

3)  Hwang Youjin – South Coreea

12)  Lee Sanggoo – South Coreea

4)  Ji Woochul – South Coreea

13)  Mihai Lucian – Italy

5)  Kim Mincheol – South Coreea

14)  Florin Botescu – Romania

6)  Kim Mingyung – South Coreea

15)  Gabriel Marin – Romania

7)  Kim Soheyon – South Coreea

16)  Irina Ochisor – Romania

8)  Kim Youngsik – South Coreea

17)  Dorel Lungu – Romania

9)  Kwak Youngtae – South Coreea

18)  Constantin Lacatusu – Romania



Romanian Mountain Club / Constantin Lacatusu:

  tel/fax: +40.233.222 222, tel +40-744 913 941



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