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Can You Straighten Wet Hair?

Short answer: 🟡 You can certainly give it a try, but it won’t work as well as if you had let your hair air dry. You can attempt to straighten your hair while it is still wet, but it will not work as well as if you let it air dry first.

One of the most amazing aspects of lash extensions is that they are relatively long-lasting as long as you take a few precautions.

But can you swim while wearing lash extensions? Yes, you can swim with your lash extensions without worrying about them falling out. Simply invest in a good pair of swimming goggles and avoid spending long periods of time in saltwater or chlorinated pools.

Because chlorine and saltwater can weaken lash glue and damage fake lashes, it’s critical to wear goggles when swimming in chlorinated pools or the sea.

Freshwater is far less damaging to lash extensions, though you should still avoid rubbing your eyes excessively after swimming.

Follow these simple guidelines, and you’ll look great in your lash extensions all summer long, no matter how much you swim.

What happens if my eyelash extensions get wet?

You will need to wait 24-48 hours after getting eyelash extensions before you can get them wet. Talk to the person who applied your extensions about the type of extension you have and the glue used so you will know when it is safe to get them wet. Extensions are more fragile when they are wet, so avoid rubbing your eyes or disturbing the lashes.

Can I go in the pool with lash extensions?

You should take care when swimming with lash extensions, as both salt water and chlorine can damage them. It is best to avoid rubbing your eyes after swimming. You can also protect your lash extensions by wearing sunglasses instead of sunscreen near your eyes.

You should exercise caution before swimming with lash extensions, as both chlorine and salt water can damage them. Freshwater is less damaging, so you don’t need to wear goggles if you’re swimming in a lake or pond. However, it’s still best to protect your lash extensions to avoid damaging them. You can apply a high-SPF sunscreen before going to the beach or pool, but keep it away from your eyes. Wear sunglasses instead to shield your eyes from harmful rays.

How long before I can swim with eyelash extensions?

Since everyone’s skin and scalp react differently to hair extensions, it is important to talk to your technician about when it is safe for you to get your extensions wet. It is generally recommended that you wait 24-48 hours after getting your extensions before getting them wet.

How to take care of lash extensions while swimming

One of the best ways to care for your lash extensions when swimming is to wear protective goggles. You can also avoid spending too much time in salt water or chlorinated pools. Although leisurely swimming is generally okay, you want to avoid doing laps or vigorous exercise. This can damage, loosen, or remove your extensions.

Is it okay to wear waterproof mascara while swimming?

There’s no real need to wear waterproof mascara when you have lash extensions, as they’ll look great whether they get wet or not. Plus, waterproof mascara has a tendency to run, meaning you could end up with panda eyes if you swim too much. If you do want to wear makeup by the pool or beach, stick to products that are designed to be waterproof and won’t let you down. Or, you could just embrace your natural beauty and go au naturel.

After swimming, how do you clean your lash extensions?

First, do not try to brush or clean your lashes while they are wet. With wet lash extensions, they will be a lot more brittle and can possibly flake off or break if you are not careful. Instead of wet lash extensions, wait until they dry and then wash and brush them out with a spoolie or lash wand. You need to properly clean your lash extensions, especially if you were swimming in saltwater or in a heavily chlorinated pool. When you are cleaning your lash extensions, make sure you get a good lash cleanser without any alcohol or oil in it. The purpose of these gentle cleansers are to take all of the debris and residual salt or chlorine off your lashes without drying them out or damaging them. Take your time to ensure all of the salt or chlorine is off of your lashes thoroughly and gently. Rinse several times with fresh and clean water.

How to Dry Eyelash Extensions After They Have Been Wet

If your lash extensions get wet, don’t touch your eye or rub your face with a towel. Instead, dab your lashes gently until they’re dry. Be sure to clean and brush them out properly. Avoid getting sunscreen on your lash extensions, as it can be harmful.

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