How to Get Curly Hair Black Male

How to get curly hair black male

how to get curly hair black male

Most guys will agree that their hair is the symbol of masculinity and attraction. Genuinely curly hair is viewed as an icon of masculinity and attractiveness. It is no wonder that men have been cultivating this hairstyle for centuries to ensure their womenfolk remain interested in them.

From the 1700s onwards, wealthy men would frequently visit barber shops in big cities to get their hair curled. This was initially viewed as a mark of respect for the barber, who were known to be skilled in creating various hairstyles, including those found in women’s magazines. In modern times, celebrities, professional players, and royalty have all been known to sport this classic hairstyle.

Of course, there are ways to achieve that iconic curled hair look without necessarily needing to visit a barber. You can use a hair dryer in the comfort of your home to create the same effects. All you need is some courage, a little bit of patience, and a whole lot of hair product. Before you start styling your hair, take a few moments to read this guide so you can create the perfect hairstyle for your needs. Here are the steps..

Know Your Hair

As a beginner, it is important to know the limits of your hair. Genuinely curly hair is a form of hair that doesn’t want to be messed with. It needs proper care and conditioning to remain in good condition. This is because the amount of oil your scalp produces decreases as you get older. It is therefore important not to overload your hair with oil or heat in an attempt to achieve an attractive hairstyle. When curling your hair, you should do so only when it is completely damp, and not while it is still drier than wet. Too much heat can cause breakage and ultimately, you won’t end up curling your hair at all. It is better to let your hair air dry naturally.

Choose The Right Tool

Although you can achieve the same results using a microwave or even a hair dryer, you must choose the right tool for the job. A professional hair dryer is definitely the best choice when it comes to getting that authentic curl. They are built to heat and stretch your hair, which is exactly what you need to create that iconic curled look. Make sure you purchase one that is at least three inches wide as it will easily accommodate the volume of hair you need to whip. Ensure you invest in a heat protectant spray before using this tool as it will prevent damage to your hair. Professional hair dryers also come with multiple heat settings, which you can use to tailor the heat created by the device to your specific needs. You should also consider investing in a heat cap, which will protect your hair from overheating, and leave it looking glossy and healthy. When choosing this tool, you must also decide whether you want a cordless or corded version, as there are pros and cons to both types. Cordless hair dryers are beneficial as you can take them anywhere, and use them without needing to worry about running out of juice or the cord being tangled up. On the other hand, having a corded version will limit where you can use it, as you will need to keep an electrical outlet nearby. In case you do end up tangling the cord, it will be easier to unravel if it is plugged in. Aside from heat protection and insulation, the nozzle of your hair dryer should be cleaned regularly as this will affect how well it functions.

Wash And Condition Your Hair

On the subject of cleanliness, it is important to wash and condition your hair before starting any styling process. Although you can simply leave your hair dirty in an attempt to create that unpolished, lived-in look, it will only work for so long. After several washes, the dirt and oil will become ingrained into the hair fiber, causing it to start looking dull. Ensure you wash your hair on a regular basis, and condition it after every shampooing. Using a clarifying shampoo and conditioner will help to restore the shine to your hair and increase its overall texture. Conditioning your hair will in one way, protect it from the damaging effects of heat, as it promotes natural oil production. It also helps to lock in moisture, which may cause your hair to become more voluminous.

Use The Right Products

To create that authentic curly hair look you have always wanted, you need the right products. These are the same products that make up the items you use to wash and condition your hair. You must be wary of false claims and overly saturated hair products as these will only cause you trouble. Look for products that contain natural ingredients, such as soybeans, fruit pomaces, or tree resins. These will help to enhance the condition of your hair, leaving it looking rich and luscious. When choosing these products, it is important to bear in mind what you will use them for. If you are planning on curling your hair, you will need high-percentage protein sprays and styling mousses. These products will make your hair more supple and easier to style, as they help to lock in moisture. If you are planning on just adding a little bit of volume, you may want to opt for a gel, cream, or lotion instead. These types of products will leave your hair looking rich and full, without being overly greasy or clog-causing. Gel, cream, and lotion hair products will be more suitable for the warmer months, whilst high-percentage protein sprays and styling mousses will be better for the winter months. Remember: always follow the instructions on the product packaging, as incorrect use could result in damage to your hair. Always be careful when applying these products, especially if you have long hair, as they will easily slide down the length of your spine and soak into the carpet. Keep your hair away from the area where it meets the floor as this is the area where heat is most likely to cause damage. When applying product to your hair, make sure you work from the ends to the roots, as this will give your hair the best chance of looking flawless. Ensure you work your hands up and down, and in an S-shape, so you can see the full effect of what you are doing. When moving your hands in an S-shape, this will help you apply even, smooth coats to your hair. Smooth hair products will always look better than the workaholic, rough coats created using a few quick back-and-forth motions. A few tips for applying gel, cream, and lotion hair products:– Always use a comb to make sure the hair surface is even and free of any wrinkles. – Before applying the final coat, use a brush to remove any residue left by the hair product. Doing this will help to give the illusion that your hair has just been washed and ready for the day. – When applying the final coat, make sure you work from the tip of your nose to the end, and leave a bit of room at the beginning and end so you can properly blend the products together. This is to ensure no patches of baldness or dryness appear in the middle of your hair.– Always be mindful of the order in which you use the various products in your routine. Apply a hair product, leave it on for ten minutes, and then gently shampoo it off. Applying shampoo directly after using a hair product could possibly cause breakage. Always maintain this order and you will soon start to see the benefits of using the right products..

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