How to Get Hair Glue Out of Clothes

How to get hair glue out of clothes

how to get hair glue out of clothes

When you arrive home from work, get out of your work clothes into something a little more comfortable. This is when you remove those layers of clothing and sets of armor that stand between you and relaxation. While it might be tempting to dive right into your tank top and sweat pants, hanging out in your underwear isn’t always the best idea. For those that have hairspray on their clothes, this can be a temporary mess. You don’t want to leave a sticky coating on the inside of your closet, so make sure to remove those layers as soon as you get in. With that being said, there are ways to prevent hairspray from leaving a sticky residue on your clothes in the first place.

Hairdryer Rescue

Hair dryers are essential for every woman’s wardrobe. From creating waves to sculpting curls, a hairdryer can do wonders for your hair. When you are using a hairdryer, never hold it directly to your hair as this can cause serious damage. Instead, always hold it 5–10 cm (2–4 in) away from your hair and brush through strands to avoid overheating. Also, ensure that your hair is clean and free of dirt and oil build-up before you begin styling with the hair dryer.

Olive Oil Spray

Olive oil spray is another great option for those that want to add a bit more texture and volume to their hair. It can be used to make any hairstyle look fabulous, from waves to curls to even a classic messy bun. Because it adds some texture and volume to your hair, you may find it easier to style when used in combination with a hairdryer. A great way to use olive oil spray is to spray on some before your hair begins to dry, then use a hairdryer on the remaining hair to add texture. Ensure that you are wearing a hat to protect your sensitive scalp from overheating and avoid flat-hairedness.

Vitamin C Serum

As we mentioned above, hair damage from overuse can be quite serious. One of the most effective ways of preventing this is by regularly applying a serum to your hair. A serum is a great option for those that want to add some extra texture, as it will stick to the strands and prevent the hair from being flat. Make sure to apply this product to your hair after you shower and before you go to bed. This will help set the serum and ensure that it stays in place for the whole night. This will also help prevent those dreaded split ends that can appear after you’ve been using a rough shampoo or towel for a long time.

Always remember that good hair care starts from within. There are simple ways to prevent dirt, oil, and humidity from causing damage to your hair. By regularly applying a quality shampoo, conditioning, and serum to your scalp, you will speed collagen synthesis and keep your hair looking fresh for years.

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