How to Get More Volume in Curly Hair

How to get more volume in curly hair

how to get more volume in curly hair

When it comes to our hair, we all want the perfect volume. The ability to wave our hair around as we please would make us feel like complete humans again. Sadly, the perfect wave simply does not exist, nor do we have full control over how our hair looks. This is why we need to embrace the reality that what we have is beautiful and unique, and we should never feel bad for wanting more.

You might be thinking that the perfect curl comes easily to you, given that you have such beautiful hair. However, this is not so; you have to work hard to achieve the flawless, bouncy curls that you see in movies or on social media. You cannot rely on anyone but yourself to give you that extra volume that you want, especially since you are the only one who can truly benefit from it.

If you want to give your hair the perfect curl, you need to do the following things:

Take Care Of It

The first thing that you need to do to get more volume in your hair is take good care of it. You would be surprised how many people neglect their hair and let it go limp and dull. Your hair needs to be kept clean and free of toxins that could be harming it. The ends of your hair should be nourished and protected from the inside as much as from the outside, since exposure to the elements can cause breakage.

The inside of your hair needs to be cleaned out regularly, and this could be done by washing it regularly. The water that you use to wash your hair should be of good quality, and you should not be shy to spend money on good water when it comes to your health.

The washing and conditionings that you do must not be overdone, or you will strip off the moisture that you need for that healthy shine.

When you are washing your hair, always go from the ends to the roots. It is easy for water to get trapped in the hair and cause a lot of damage. This is why you should always start from the ends and work your way up. When you are drying your hair, use a heat protecting serum before you use a heat product, or the ends of your hair will be the first to suffer.

Get The Right Cut

Getting the right hair cut is essential to giving your hair the volume that it needs. There are several different types of cuts that you can get, and which one is right for you depends on your personal preferences and what you have planned for your hair. Think about what you want and make a list of the pros and cons of each haircut that you can imagine.

You should choose a haircut that keeps your hair looking as natural as possible, and you should avoid anything too extreme that could end up looking messy. Keep in mind that you cannot please everyone with your haircut, so you need to choose something that you can be happy with.

Use Good Products

When you wash your hair, the water gets all tangled up with the protein naturally present in your hair. To get the most out of your washing and conditioning, you need to use the right products; they will make all the difference. When you use a conditioner, it needs to be conditioned for hair; it will not be the same for your nails or the skin of your face. Make sure that the conditioner that you use contains enough protein to restore the elasticity of your hair.

You should also add a small amount of conditioner when you wet your hair, before you start brushing it, for best results. When you add a conditioner at the end of your brushing, it will not be effective; you need to reapply it after you brush your hair.

In a similar manner, when you use a serum to soften your nails, it will not be effective if you use it on your hair. This is because the protein present in your nails will prevent the serum from being absorbed by your hair. To make the most of your serum, you need to leave it on your nails until it fully dries before you dip your nails in water or remove it with a dry brush. Using a brush on wet nails will be more effective than using it on dry ones, as you will be removing the loose coating that naturally forms on your nails when you wet them. You should also make sure that the brush that you use is appropriate for the material that you are working with. Metal brushes are best for applying serums to your nails as they will not end up taking away the natural shine that your nails have.

Give Your Body Enough Time

Your body needs time to make the most of the food that you give it, and the same goes for your hair. To get the best results from your wash and conditioning, you need to give your body enough time to process the nutrients that you are feeding it. This could take a while, especially if you are following a new routine, so be patient.

As soon as you start applying a serum or cream to your nails, you should immediately start seeing improvements. This is because the nutrients present in these products are being absorbed by your nails and being used by your body to grow healthy and strong nails. Give your nails at least three to four weeks before you judge their progress and decide that they are not going to grow any longer.

Your hair also needs time to grow before you can notice any visible changes. You should wait at least three months before you decide that your hair is not going to look as good as it did before you had the haircut. This is because it usually takes that long for your hair to recover its natural shine. So, be patient and do not cut it any shorter than necessary. If you are dying to get that perfect hairstyle that you have seen on celebrities or on your favorite fashion bloggers, then you should start by asking them for tips, as they have probably mastered the art of creating that iconic, bouncy curl.

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