How to Put on a Wig With Long Hair

How to put on a wig with long hair

how to put on a wig with long hair

There are many benefits to having long hair. For women, long hair can add more femininity, boost self-esteem, and help promote confidence. For men, it can help him stand out, attract the attention of others, and indicate a higher social status. Whether you’re trying to add a sense of femininity to your look for a specific event, or you’re looking to change your look completely, a wig with long hair can help get you there.

The Different Types Of Wigs

When you think of wigs, your mind may immediately go to ‘70s screen icons like Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, or even Barbara Hutton – a rich widow who sported a big platinum wig at the Golden Globe Awards in 2018. These styles are still immensely popular, and you’ll often see them referred to as ‘femi-wigging.' That doesn’t mean that the best way to put on a wig is by impersonating these famous women; instead, take a moment to try out different types of wigs based on your needs. The sky is the limit when it comes to the number of long hair options that you can try out. Here are some of the most common and time-tested types of wigs to familiarize yourself with:

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