What Color Is Tanjiro's Hair

What color is tanjiro's hair

what color is tanjiro’s hair

Tanjiro is a character from the Naruto series and movies. He is the son of Mad Hippie and the founder of the Hair Restoration Clinic. When we last saw him, he was heading off on a vacation to the Rock Region in Southern France. While there, he met with his father for lunch and planned on traveling to the Venician Islands to meet up with his mother. In the latest trailer for the show, we get a good look at Tanjiro’s hair and it is once again shown to be a very dark brown with noticeable strands of grey at the temples. Also, his hairstyle is very similar to that of the late Robin Williams. Though not a direct copy, Tanjiro’s hair certainly bears a striking resemblance to that of the actor.

What color is Tanjiro’s hair? Is it true that he has gray hair? Let’s take a look at the evidence.

What Do We Know So Far?

We know that Tanjiro is an extremely talented doctor. He is skilled in hair restoration and has a very good idea of what products and techniques will work best with different types of hair. We have also learned that he is very sociable and loves to have lunch with his friends. While on the subject of food, we know that he is a big fan of Mediterranean cuisine. Since France is adjacent to the Mediterranean, it is not a total surprise that his favorite cuisine would be similar. One of the things that we have observed about him is that he has a remarkable ability to make friends easily and quickly. He tends to be quite sociable and like to have lunch with his friends almost every day.

It is also known that he has a good sense of fashion and uses many high-end products to maintain his hair. Many have also noted that he uses a lot of gel in his hair which contributes to its shininess. When asked about his preferred method of transportation, he has stated that he drives a McLaren. Unfortunately, that is not yet available in Australia. So, he typically drives a classic Mustang, which is still a rare sight around these parts. He has also mentioned that he loves to visit Florence and other European cities during the summer which is likely due to the fact that his hair is naturally very dark anyway so it does not photograph well when shot in direct sunlight. Overall, we know quite a bit about Tanjiro. He is a very skilled doctor who is highly regarded in his field. He has a good sense of fashion and uses high-end products and techniques to maintain his wonderful hair. Though he is currently traveling, he plans on returning to Florence after his vacation.

Where Does He Live?

It is known that he resides in a huge villa in the south of France. This property is called Le Roseau, which means the English translation is ‘the Rose Tree'. We know from the show that the address is 6 Rue du Président-Wilson, which is a real street in the town of Aix-en-Provence. It is a very exclusive street, mostly inhabited by millionaires and their guests. The villa itself is massive and is surrounded by a huge garden. While in the town, one of the places that Tanjiro often visits is the luxurious Hôtel de la Paix, which boasts a magnificent view of the Mediterranean from its balcony. We have no idea what the cost of this villa is, but it must be one of the most expensive properties in all of France.

When Does He Wear His Hair?

In the show, we have already established that Tanjiro wears his hair in an extremely slick and polished manner. This type of hairstyle is often associated with Italian cinema and the 1950s. Though we have not seen a full episode of the show, we assume that the styling choices are similar to those of the 1950s. The polished look does not hurt the show at all, but for viewers who want to mimic Tanjiro’s styling choices, they may want to try a different approach.

Is Tanjiro’s Hair Natural Or Synthetic?

In the trailer, we briefly see Tanjiro’s hair and it looks like it could be a natural light brown. However, given the rest of his attire, we doubt that it is. If you look at his jacket and shirt, they are a mix of synthetic materials and natural fibres. This is probably what gives his hair that extra glow. Though we cannot be 100% sure, it is highly likely that his hair is not natural light brown, but much more of a rich dark brown.

What About His Family?

We know that Tanjiro is the son of Mad Hippie, a popular Japanese cosmetic surgeon who also has a practice in Australia. However, we do not know much about his family. In the trailer, we see Tanjiro mention that he has a younger brother named Ichiro. This could be a clue that we are meant to assume that Tanjiro’s family is based in Japan. Though the family is not known to be from Japan, it is possible that they migrated there for the prestigious practice of cosmetic surgery.

The only other person we have seen from Tanjiro’s family is his grandmother. She is a very distinguished looking woman with silver hair and elegant dresses. Though we do not know what she looks like personally, her photo does appear in the show. We assume that she is the woman that Tanjiro calls ‘Auntie'.

What About His Career?

We know that Tanjiro is extremely talented. He is a brilliant doctor who has devoted his life to hair restoration. He has a private practice in hair restoration in Sydney and a larger practice in Melbourne. He also travels around Australia regularly treating his patients. It is likely that he will continue to grow his practice in Australia as he has a good rapport with his Australian patients. He also uses his skills to restore the hair of movie stars and other high-profile people. Though details about his private practice are not available, from the looks of his Sydney office, he has a lot of space to work with. We also know that he has been featured in numerous magazines and has consulted for major brands such as Phillip Lim, William King, and Ricardo Montanbien.

Overall, we know quite a bit about Tanjiro. He is a talented doctor who is well-known in his field. He has a large practice in the states and travels around Australia regularly treating patients. Though we have not seen an entire episode of the show, the styling choices and locations seem to indicate that Tanjiro’s hair is indeed a dark brown with a hint of red/brown. Perhaps, the most important thing that we have learned about Tanjiro is that he is extremely happy and successful in his work. He clearly has a passion for hair restoration and is dedicated to his career. Though he may not always choose the most fashionable hairstyles, his patients know that they are getting the best possible results.

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