Why Is My Curly Hair Going Straight

Why is my curly hair going straight

why is my curly hair going straight

You wake up one day, completely unaware that a major change has taken place inside your body. One moment you’re feeling confident and energized, the next moment you don’t recognize yourself anymore.

Suddenly, your hair goes from beautiful waves to unruly curls. Your eyebrows furrow, and then you realize that you’ve somehow transformed into a completely different person. Before you know it, you’ve given up on trying to keep up with your hair’s daily demands and decide to let it grow naturally. You love the way it feels when the wind blows through it and you imagine yourself as a proud warrior woman. Who cares if your curls are all over the place, as long as you feel powerful and beautiful.

Of course, this is the ideal scenario. In reality, you’ll have to put in a lot of effort to make your hair look as good as new. But that’s what makes this process so much fun! If you happen to be on the hunt for the perfect eyebrows wax, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to discover how you can get your hair back to its original glamorous glory.

The Major Changes That Take Place Within Your Body

While it can certainly be a shock when your hair goes from looking fabulous to a total mess in a matter of seconds, the truth is that your hair has been on a continuous journey for a long time. Inside your body, there have been major changes that took place as a result of your hormones becoming unbalanced. This, in turn, led to you experiencing emotional and mental changes. Let’s take a look at the major changes that take place within your body as a result of the testosterone surge during puberty.

Increased Muscle Mass

One of the major changes that takes place as you go through puberty is your body’s increased muscle mass. This is one reason why you feel such a surge in your testosterone levels – your body is trying to protect you by putting on more muscle. Even as a teen, you’ll notice that your body is changing, with your breasts growing and your posture improving. Your hair will go through its own transformation, growing into thick, luscious curls.

Improved Brain Function

Your brain also has the tendency to change as you go through puberty. In fact, it was once believed that your brain stopped developing until you were 23. Now, we know that’s not true, with studies confirming that your brain undergoes changes even into your late 70s! During adolescence, you’ll experience a physical change in your brain as well, with new neurons connecting different areas of your brain and allowing you to form new memories and learn new things. Your hormones affect not only your physical appearance but also cognitive functions such as the ability to learn and remember. This is why it’s such a common phenomenon for teens to have poor grades in school – their body’s are telling them “hey, learn this now, before you forget”!

Increased Sex Drive

Another significant change that takes place as you go through puberty is your sex drive. For some girls, this can be a totally new experience, as they’ve never felt such intense urges to have sex. It is estimated that between the ages of 12 and 24, young women experience a 400% increase in their sex drive. This surge in testosterone causes your body to produce more lubricin, which is a natural substance that helps your joints and muscles move smoothly during sex. If this sounds like an opportunity you’ve been waiting for, be sure to enjoy yourselves but try to keep your thoughts to yourself! In the event of a pregnancy, it’s crucial to take precautions to avoid spreading sexually transmitted diseases. This includes using condoms during vaginal sex and limiting your sexual partners to only those you know are clean. You should also be aware that certain medications, such as oral contraceptives and anti-psychotics, which are often prescribed to people with mental illnesses, can cause severe hirsuteness in women.

How to Make Your Hair Look Like It Did Before

When you wake up one day and notice your hair has turned into something completely different than what you know, it’s normal to feel worried and insecure. It’s not easy re-developing your hair into its original, stunning state, and it takes a lot of work and patience. However, with a little effort and research, you’ll be able to pull off the perfect look. To get your hair back to its original, stunning state, you need to do the following:

Get A Haircut

The first step in making your hair look like it did before is getting a haircut. Even if you’ve been cutting your hair for years, you’re bound to notice a difference once you get a new haircut. It doesn’t have to be a drastic change, but you should go for something different than what you usually do. You can also ask the barber to give you a haircut that’s more in line with what you know. Get a haircut that makes you feel like yourself again and that accentuates your features, as this is what you need to focus on. When you feel better about yourself, your hair will start to resemble what it once was.

Know Why Your Hair Is Going Wrong

After you’ve had your haircut and felt better about yourself, it’s time to take a step back and try to figure out why your hair is going wrong. There are a number of possible reasons, the main one being that your hair is going through a change period and that you’re not aware of it. When this happens, it’s normal for your hair to go through a stage of damage before it gets better. The amount of damage and time it takes for your hair to recover depends on your hairdo, the method of dying you used, and the climate you live in. To give you a better idea of what’s going on, let’s examine each factor separately.

Your Hairdresser

The first and foremost thing to consider is your hairdresser. Just like with any other professional, the quality of your haircut is dependent on the skill and experience of the person cutting your hair. If you’ve been seeing the same person for years, it might be time for a change. Even if your hair is in good condition, it can quickly go bad if the person cutting it isn’t good at what they do. A good hairdresser will be able to tell you what’s going on with your hair, be it damage or just a change in style. If you’re not sure, it’s best to ask!

Your Hair And Hair Product

Another factor that can affect the overall look of your hair is your hair and hair product. If you’re using the wrong type of shampoo and conditioner, or the wrong combination of both, it can cause your hair to lose its shine and lusciousness. What’s more, the wrong product can cause your hair to become weak, which in turn makes it more likely to break off. Using too many hair products and heat styling your hair too much can also cause major damage. Most people aren’t aware that shampoos and conditioners have a limited lifespan – the more you use them, the sooner they’ll start to deteriorate. If you want to make your hair look like it did years ago, it’s essential to invest in high-quality products that will last you a long time.

Your Dress

Your dress is also a vital part of any successful hair transformation. When you wear the wrong dress, the overall effect can be disastrous. It’s not just about the fit, which you know is important, it’s about the overall style and cut as well. You want to choose a dress that makes you look like yourself again, but that also compliments your hair and skin tone. If you have a white dress that makes you look like a ghost, it’s probably not the best choice. The same goes for dark-colored dresses and oversized garments – they may work for some people, but they won’t necessarily make your hair look its best. It’s important to try on a few different dresses before buying – this way, you’ll be sure to find the one that makes you look the best.

Your Brows

Your eyebrows aren’t just another part of your face that you need to focus on. They play an essential role in making your hair look its best. If you don’t have perfect eyebrows, it will make your hair appear sloppy and unprofessional. You want to choose a pair of eyebrows that compliment your face, making you appear more mature and sophisticated.

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