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LED eyelashes are the look of the future

These amazing LED eyelashes make you look like you’re living in the future.

Sometimes you see a product and think, “Wow, that’s really futuristic.” Then you remember you’re in 2017, 20 years after a sentient AI wiped out most of humanity in the first Terminator film, and you wonder, “Huh, maybe we’re already in the future.” So it is with these incredible LED lashes.

They’re called f.lashes, and they’re the work of designer Tien Pham, who debuted them earlier this year at Maker Faire. Pham has now started a Kickstarter campaign to turn his wearable electronics into a commercial product, and has already raised more than double his $40,000 goal.

F.lashes are tiny LED strips that you apply to your eyelashes with lash glue. There’s an obnoxious, hefty controller and a connecting cord that you have to hide somewhere (best bet: in your hair), but the effect is incredible once it’s in place. The f.lashes come in seven distinct colors and light up in different patterns as you move.

It’s a cool product, but it’s not quite ready for prime time. (That wire is going to irritate a lot of folks.) Expect to see it initially at clubs and festivals, where spending a bit extra time getting dressed up is expected. Then, as further iterations hit the wire, we hope they’ll catch on. Then, in another 20 years, they’ll be out of date.

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