How to Get Sand Out of Hair

How to get sand out of hair

how to get sand out of hair

Sometimes, being a beach bunny just isn’t enough. Although, the idea of being a beach bunny is appealing, the thought of having to spend your days in the water might not sound like everyone’s idea of a carefree summer.

If you want to enjoy the beach but your hair is starting to get a little greasy because of all the water exposure, there are ways for you to get your beach days without the beach head.

Try Vichy Shampoo

If you’ve tried every shampoo brand under the sun and you still find your hair lacking shape, volume, and bounce, it might be time to try a different approach.

Vichy is a luxury French brand that makes some of the most popular shampoos in the world. As the company’s tagline states, their goal is to give the consumer confidence in his or her looks through the use of highly effective and sustainable ingredients.

Unfortunately, not all of their products will suit all hair types. The shampoo designed for fine hair, for example, isn’t meant to leave a residue on your hair and can occasionally cause breakage.

Try A Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is exactly what it sounds like; a dry shampoo. A dry shampoo is not meant to be used alone, but instead, will help to revive your limp, greasy strands. If you’ve tried every other option and you’re still seeking a way to get your beach day look, dry shampoo might just be the solution you’re looking for.

Dry shampoo can also be used to help clean the surface of your skin before applying a sunscreen. This can help reduce the look of wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Find The Right Combination Of Water And Oil

One of the biggest problems for beach bunnies is that the water and the wind tend to take away your loose strands, leaving you with a greasy forehead and bald spots on top of your head. To save yourself from this fate, try to avoid direct water exposure and instead, get in the habit of staying at the top of the beach with your back to the water. This way, you won’t be taking away any hair and the wind won’t be able to snatch any of your strands.

Now, you might be thinking that this tip is crazy since most beaches have no shade or water sprays to protect you from the sun. But, if you follow this simple rule, you’ll be able to enjoy your beach day without any worries.

Stay Hydrated

Just like when you’re at the office, you must stay hydrated at the beach. This means drinking plenty of water and staying well-hydrated throughout the day. A lot of beach bunnies (and office bunnies) suffer from dehydration, so it’s important to stay hydrated.

If you take frequent water breaks throughout the day, you’ll feel refreshed and rejuvenated, not to mention that your skin will thank you for it. If you’re not drinking enough fluids, it’s also likely that you’re not eating the right food either. You need good hydration to have good nutrition, so make sure you’re staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water and eating healthy food.

Use Sunscreen Every Day

We know that sunscreen is important because it helps protect our skin, but we sometimes forget that it also helps prevent some types of cancer. Because of this, many people are now choosing to use sunscreen every day. If you decide that this is the route you wish to take, make sure you wear sunscreen every day, even on the days when you don’t feel like you need it. The important thing is to not have an extreme fear of skin cancer, but rather, to use sunscreen as you would any other product that could potentially cause harm to your skin. Wearing sunscreen every day doesn’t mean you’ll prevent all dermatological issues, but it could help to reduce the harm done by sun exposure.

Attend To Skincare Routine

Like most serums and creams, beach creams come with a built-in routine that helps improve the texture, tone, and overall look of your skin. Many skin care regimens include exfoliation, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion, all of which are meant to remove the top layer of skin. If you have a regular skincare routine, try to incorporate these elements into your regimen. You can also add in some facial cleansing, as well as an eye cream if you use them often enough.

Hydration Is Key

Everyone knows that hydration is important on the beach, but how hydrated are you really being? Are you staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water, or are you just going through the motions to please the person next to you on the beach towel? It’s no secret that water can be a little scarce at times on a vacation, so make sure you hydrate even when you’re trying to save water. If you’re not feeling well, it might be wise to ask for a drink at the water refill station.

Stay Fit

Not only does exercise help to improve your mental wellbeing, it can also help to improve the overall texture, tone, and look of your skin. Fitness and staying fit is a great way to help prevent many health problems, but also, it can help you to have more energy on the beach. You don’t need to go overboard and lose a ton of weight, but instead, just focus on eating healthy and getting some exercise so that you have more energy on the beach. Some simple exercises, such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking further away than usual from your destination, can help you to save a ton of energy and thus, gain a ton of momentum.

By incorporating these tips into your routine, you’ll be able to enjoy your beach days without the fear of your hair getting greasy or your skin getting burned. At the end of the day, everyone needs a little sunscreen, some shade, and a drink to cool down from the heat of the day. We don’t always need advice from a professional, but sometimes we do and this is one of those times. Thank you.

How to get sand out of hair may not seem like a problem to you since you’re at the beach, but for the rest of us, it’s an ongoing battle. We don’t always have the option of staying at the top of the beach with our backs to the water as much as we would like and sometimes the wind can take our hair anyway it pleases. Dry shampoo is sometimes the solution, but oftentimes, we’re left with a greasy forehead and bald spots on our head. We don’t always have time to shower before a photo shoots so the dirt and oil can remain on our skin for hours, sometimes even days. We need a way to make our hair appear beach-ready all day long, even if we’re not at the beach.

Luckily, there’s a simple solution that you can try at home right now. All you need are a few ingredients, some water, and a few minutes of your time. Read on to find out more.

Use Your Hair Products

You can use many different products on your hair and there’s a product out there to suit everyone. Try out some of your hair products on this beach vacation and see how many different ways you can wear your hair. You may not need a lot of products to achieve the beach look you’re after but having some fun with your hair products could lead you to the perfect beach day look. Let’s take a look at a few tips on how to get beach-ready hair with the least amount of products possible.

Wash And Dry Your Hair

Wash your hair before your beach day so the dirt and oil aren’t left to settle on the surface of your skin. Use a shampoo that’s been specifically designed to strip the oils from your scalp, as well as any other products that might cause trouble for your hair, such as sea salt or tea tree oil. After your shampoo and conditioning treatment, follow up with a moisturizing mask or lotion to lock in all the moisture.

Add More Volume

If you’re short on cash and can’t afford a lot of expensive and luxurious products, fake it until you make it. Add some volume to your hair with a few strategically placed accessories, such as a flower crown, scarf, or bandeau bikini. The main thing is to add more than you’ve had in the past. The more you have, the more you’ll be able to add to your hair. You can also ask your hairstylist for help, as well as try out some new techniques.

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