How to Style Curly Hair After Shower

How to style curly hair after shower

how to style curly hair after shower

Hey guys! Here’s a quick tutorial on how to style curly hair after showering. It’s a very practical and useful tutorial so let’s get started.

Use Shower Gel To Style Your Hair

The first step is to gently brush your hair, while still dripping wet from the shower, to remove the excess water and to add some texture and volume to your hair. Remember to use a small amount of gel and to work it into your hair slowly. Too much gel can result in hair loss. You can also add some gel to your palms and use it as a styling gel. If you follow these simple steps, you will surely achieve the style you desire.

Use Creamy Moisturizer To Set The Style

After brushing your hair, apply a generous amount of cream or moisturizer to the top of your head, especially if you suffer from dry scalp. This step is important because it will help lock in the style you just created. If your hair is naturally very dry, this step will help nourish and moisten it thoroughly. You can also use a spray on the top of your head to help set the style. Going back to the previous step, you will ensure that your hair remains in the same style for up to three days.

Wear A Helmet

To prevent your hair from getting wet during the day, you can always wear a helmet. It’s a must for bicycle riding and motorcycling. On really hot days, you can also use a fan spray to refresh your hair and protect it from getting wet. Many bike helmets are also equipped with air conditioning so it is very possible that you will feel fresh and cool while staying protected.

The above suggestions will undoubtedly help you style your hair more easily. Remember to always use the right tools for the job and never hesitate to learn new methods and tricks. With just a little bit of effort, anyone can easily achieve beautiful hair. Thanks for reading! I hope this tutorial helped you and please don’t forget to comment below if you have any questions.

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