How to Wear Headbands With Curly Hair

How to wear headbands with curly hair

how to wear headbands with curly hair

You might be familiar with the 80s trend known as ‘pixie haircuts.' Well, we’re bringing it back with a vengeance. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are sporting our hair in tiny, whimsical curls. This is definitely a trend that will not be going out of style anytime soon.

Curly hair can be such an asset. It adds a playful, child-like charm to your look that is undeniably attractive.

Many fashion experts have predicted that the charm of pixie haircuts will be seen as nostalgic during Fashion Week later this year. It’s back to nature, sort of like spring has sprung, which is wonderful news for those of us who love the feel of baby hair against our skin.

The Basics

When it comes to your hair, quality is undoubtedly more important than quantity. You only get one head, and you should be treating it with the respect it deserves. This means washing and conditioning your strands on a regular basis. However, this doesn’t mean you have to opt for luxurious treatments that will cost you an arm and a leg. Instead, you can use simple hacks to make your hair look spectacular without going overboard.

Wash Your Hair Less

The first step to taking care of your hair is realizing how dirty it can get from all the oil, dirt, and pollution. Although it should be cleaned at least once a week, many experts suggest washing your hair every two weeks. This will help eliminate that unpleasant smell that has accumulated during the day. You won’t miss a regular wash if you start noticing a difference in how your hair looks and feels. Plus, if you wash your hair less often, the chances of developing a hair loss condition are significantly reduced.

Condition Your Hair With Nourishments

Another important factor that determines the overall appearance of your hair is the conditioner you use. In most cases, a conditioner will make your hair look shinier and healthier. But, for some reason, many people prefer to use heat-generated waves, which can leave their hair weaker and more likely to break. This is why you must always look out for conditioners that have nourishment in them. You should also be wary of conditioners that are mainly composed of alcohol, as these are the ones that can cause dryness and damage your hair. If you want a heat-generated wave, opt for a cream conditioner instead of a gel one. And never heat up your hair on a regular basis. This is another factor that can cause breakage and leave your hair weaker. So, always make sure your hair is at room temperature before you start styling it. Otherwise, this might cause you more harm than good.

Use Products At The Hair Ends First

When applying a new, undetermined product to your hair, it is important to go from the ends in a way that gradually progresses to the roots. For this purpose, always start from the ends and work your way up. Otherwise, you will likely ruin the overall consistency of the product and possibly hurt your hair. This is why you must always work in a way that draws out moisture from the ends first. Then, you can move on to the next step. For example, if you have used a leave-in conditioner and after that, you decide to use a cream or an oil product, you must apply these products from the ends to the roots. If you apply the products all at once, without having gone through the process of drawing out moisture, the consistency will be odd and you might end up making the problem worse. Always remember that if you are using an oil product on your hair, it must be applied from the ends to avoid any sort of slickness. This can sometimes cause you hair to look a bit greasy, even if you have followed the “use end products” rule. Because of this, if you use an oil product, it is best applied in the morning, just before you wear your makeup. This will keep your oils at their original consistency and avoid any sort of breakouts due to overly oily skin around your eyes.

Take Care Of Your Hair In The Shower

One of the best ways to make your hair look and feel at its best is to take proper care of it in the shower. Before you start styling your hair, wet it thoroughly and massage it for a few minutes to get the water flowing. After that, you can start styling. Never style your hair while it is still wet, as this is the worst possible thing you can do. This will cause you tons of damage. And if you think that your hair is looking a bit dull, you can always give it a wash and set with a curl activator. Then, let it air dry on your shoulder for a minute or two. This will help improve the shine and overall appearance of your hair.

Look For Natural Light To Shine On Your Hair

When you start styling your hair on a regular basis, one of the first things you will notice is how differently it looks depending on the time of day and the light source. Because of this, it is important to always check the sun’s position in the sky, so you can determine how best to style your hair in relation to the natural light. This will help improve how the light is reflected by your hair, making it look richer and more vibrant. You can use this to your advantage by asking your hairstylist to use more artificial light sources during the day and less natural light at night. This way, even if it’s slightly dark, you will be able to see how the strands are coming together, enhancing the overall effect. Of course, having the right equipment can also help, such as a good hair camera that you can connect to WiFi and stream to your phone. This way, you can monitor the overall effect of your hair hacks and offer suggestions to your hairstylist along the way. It’s all about teamwork.

Use Products As You Go

Another excellent way to style your hair is to use the right products at the right time. For example, if you know that your hair is going to be exposed to a lot of water or you are going to leave the house without a hat on, make sure you use a lot of products on it to avoid any sort of fallout. This way, you can easily tell how each product interacts with the other and determine how to best use them together. Ultimately, this will result in you using less products and having more time for other things. Plus, this will help preserve the quality of your hair. You don’t want to overload your strands with too many products, especially if you are using a leave-in conditioner. In this case, it is best to go gradually and add another product, only if needed. This way, you will eliminate the possibility of a bad reaction. Additionally, make sure you condition your hair after every wash. If you wash it every two weeks, this will ensure that your strands are always maintained at their best. In most cases, washing your hair every week will result in a dull appearance and a lessened shine. Therefore, when using a shampoo and conditioner combination, it is best to condition your scalp and hair every other week or once a week. A lot of people believe that conditioning your hair too often can result in breakage. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. On the contrary, too little conditioning can actually cause breakage, especially if you are using heat-generated waves. In this case, it is best to use a conditioner every three weeks, or once every two weeks. Using a conditioner every week can result in dull hair and a weakened shine. Therefore, if you want a healthier, shinier appearance, take care of your hair exactly as you would treat your best friend’s hair. Only, instead of using a shampoo, conditioner, and water combination, you will apply a leave-in conditioner, a cream conditioner, and a moisturizer. Then, you can follow up with a good heat cream, or an oil treatment, to lock in all the moisture and add some shine. Remember, if you are using a heat-generated wave, you must always look out for products with an amine or jojoba seed oil, as these are the ones that will result in the hair looking the most natural. Otherwise, you will end up damaging your hair.

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