How Long Is Rapunzel's Hair

How long is rapunzel's hair

how long is rapunzel’s hair

A lot of people don’t know how long hair Princess Rapunzel’s really is. Although it’s not specified in the fairy tale, her hair is most likely long enough to reach her ankles in the scene where she meets the prince. Since then, it’s been a running joke among fans that her hair might actually reach the ground! Of course, this is slightly offensive to those familiar with the source material.

In response, Disney has changed the hairstyle for Princess Rapunzel. While she’s still got that long curly hair, it now reaches just below her knees. This isn’t a total departure from the original story, as her long hair still hangs over her shoulders in the scene where she’s dancing with the prince. However, perhaps in an effort to save fans some anguish, Disney has chosen to keep the amount of hair the same, but moved it around a bit.

The question is: How long is Rapunzel’s hair? Let’s take a look at the evidence.

The Evidence

As mentioned, the total length of Princess Rapunzel’s hair is not mentioned in the movie. However, in the sequel, it is revealed that her hair is indeed long enough to reach her ankles. In this scene, we get a good look at her long hair and also a glimpse of her dress which leaves little to the imagination:

The Evidence

This image clearly shows us that Rapunzel’s hair extends at least to her ankles. As you’ll see in the next image, the same applies to her dress as well:

The Evidence (Zoom In)

Due to the angle of the photo, we can also see that her hair is a little above her knee when she’s standing. However, as she starts dancing, her hair gently descends towards her ankles. The same goes for her dress.

A Running Joke

The question might arise as to why it’s still joked about today even though it’s been a while since the movie came out. One theory is that it’s an effort to save face for Disney. Many still remember the Princesses' hair from the movie and it still sticks in the imagination of fans. That’s why it continues to be a subject of discussion even now when it comes to discussing Disney movies. The same goes for its depiction of female characters in general. Even now, people are likely to mention that a Disney movie is more sexist than anything else because of how they are portrayed.

Short-Homecoming-Dress-Inspired Hairstyle

In the most recent Disney movie, the villainous witch releases a flock of birds that attack the protagonists as they arrive home from their school field trip. In the midst of all the chaos, Rapunzel’s hair is prominently displayed as she leaps out of the way. A couple of days later, when the witch’s plan is finally revealed, we get a good look at the dress she’s wearing when she attacks:

Short-Homecoming-Dress-Inspired Hairstyle

This image gives a good look at the dress and how it fits. As you can see, it’s a short-homecoming-dress styled after the outfits worn by the princesses in the 1950s. It’s clearly designed to attract attention but not to provide any defense against a witch attack. For that matter, it’s not very comfortable to wear either as you’ll see in the next image:

Princess Rapunzel Sweat Pants

This image shows us that even when she isn’t trying to protect herself from the birds, Rapunzel has a hard time staying upright due to the dress being constricting. This is in contrast to the first image where she easily jumps out of the way.

A Bit Of A Retro Appeal

Looking back at the movie’s aesthetic, we can see that it takes a little bit of a retro appeal. First off, the costumes are quite reminiscent of those from the 50s. Then there’s the use of 3D. It wasn’t that popular in 2019, but it was used quite prominently in the opening scene where the witch takes over the kingdom.

Princess Rapunzel 3D Glasses

This image gives a good look at how 3D influenced the look of the overall movie. As you’ll see in the next image, the use of 3D is very visible when the witch is transforming into a human being. The entire movie was shot using 3D cameras and some of the characters even have 3D likenesses. This is in keeping with the overall aesthetic of retro appeal.

A Bit Of A Feminist Appeal

Although Rapunzel is a helpless victim in many respects, she does have a voice. In the climactic scene of the movie, she pleads with the witch to spare her life. In the end, it seems that she was successful as the witch spares her life but then casts her out into the wilderness. In one of the last scenes of the movie, we see Rapunzel’s limp as she makes her way to safety.

Princess Rapunzel’s Last Scene

This image gives a good look at how the last scene of the movie turns out. As you’ll see in the next image, the dress that Rapunzel wears is a long-sleeve t-shirt, which she’s wearing under her cloak. The cloak is designed in such a way that it covers her entire body but the shirt is slightly open at the neck. However, as she starts to walk towards the camera, her blouse slowly comes open and we get a good look at the bra that she’s wearing at the same time. In the most recent installment of the series, it is revealed that the t-shirt is actually a wedding dress and the bra and necklace are in the shape of a wedding ring.

A Bit Of An Evolution

It is quite interesting how Disney has evolved the look of their princesses over the years. While we still see a lot of 60s style influences in the latest movies, it’s clear that Rapunzel’s style has evolved to take influence from later decades as well. As mentioned, in the most recent Disney installment, Princess Rapunzel’s hair reaches just above her knees. However, during the school days of the 1950s, her hair was slightly longer. In some of the earlier scenes from the Disney franchise, we can actually see that her hair reaches her ankles. It’s quite a unique look and probably the most accurate portrayal of Rapunzel that we’ve ever seen on film!

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